LETO is developed in an Integrative Product Design class in 2018. The goal is to design and produce a product or tool to be used with one hand, that enables people to perform routine daily tasks that otherwise would require two sides.

LETO is a one-handed trash system that helps to reduce “ick” factors. The LETO trash system pairs a standard trash can that has been improved by the addition of a bag sealer, bag hooks, overfill indicator, and a dirt-resistant finish with a convenient subscription of garbage bags with a springy elasticized rim.

The team includes one product designer, two MBAs, and one UIUX designer. As the product designer, I was involved in the market research, design and manufacturing of the product.

Design Process

We thoroughly studied products in the market and also compared the pros and cons. We want to design a product that is convenient enough, even people with two hands would want to use them.

During the brainstorming, I proposed an activity in which teammates were brainstorming by making. Each teammate built upon the other’s prototype to develop the product.

After laying out the problem areas in a matrix chart, the team decided to focus on activities with lots of steps. We then developed concept sketches with four different ideas.