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High Functional depression series

The series of products and sculpture show the representation of high functioning depression. Individuals suffer from high functioning depression tend to live a successful life but contain the suicidal thoughts to themselves. To the outside world, they give no hint of their problem — often holding down a full-time job, running a family home and enjoying an active social life. But underneath they are suffering secret panic attacks, insomnia, crushing low self-esteem and even suicidal thoughts.

The attention to this type of mental health issue is not emphasized because patients does not reveal typical symptom of depression. I want to bring more awareness of this mental health disease by using this concept in my design. 





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HD1 Dual Chair 

In this project, I explore different types of paper and techniques, combine them with wood frame to make a discursive product design. The chair allows users to interact in various ways as well as thinking about the duality of personhood.

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HD 2

In this project, I used cut out boxes to show different perspective of a person's life. Only from one angle the sculpture looks like a broken smiling face, indicating that people with high functioning depression hide their pain under brilliance.